Luistercijfers Radio 10, Radio 5 and Qmusic rise

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Gerard Ekdom

These are the first figures since the great musical chairs in Hilversum, the netherlands this autumn. Radio 10, where Gerard Ekdom is started, in third place with a market share of 10.1 percent. A year ago, had Radio 10 is still a percentage of 7.3 percent in the hands.

Qmusic, where Mattie Valk and Marieke Elsinga now the ochtendshow do and Domien Verschuuren in the afternoon, is on the fourth place with a market share of 9.5 percent. This was a year ago to 8.2 percent. NPO Radio 5 increased from 3.9 percent to 4.9 percent. On this channel include Jeroen van Inkel, Hans Schiffers, Bert Haandrikman, Henkjan Smits and Tonko Cap is properly listened to.

NPO Radio 2 is approaching 538

Radio 5 scores even with cable, DAB+ and internet higher than 100ProcentNL and Radio Veronica, which is also an FM frequency. Veronica is a percent lost and now depends on a 3.3 percent market share. Also the veelgeplaagde 3FM does it still not good. A year ago, the station still has a market share of 3.8 percent. But this share since the idle time of the transmitter is further dropped to 2.5 percent.

The market leader is still Radio 538, already had the transmitter to be nearly a per cent return. The market share decreased in the last year of 12.1 to 11.4 percent. NPO Radio 2 is still doing very well-and is 538, with a share of 11.2 percent on the heels. The question is what is the departure of the hugely popular Edwin Evers for the luistercijfers of 538.

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