Lien Van de Kelder physically threatened on social media

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Lien Of the Basement creeps daily into the skin of the most hated soapfiguur of the time. The haatreacties to her character, Marie in the Family tell it not to. Lien is even physically threatened…

Lien Of the Basement, thankful to have such a strong storyline allowed to play in the Family and has worked hard to her character as credible as possible, to let it happen. But it looks like they are just a little too well succeeded. The Family viewer seems not always to distinguish between the character of Marie, and the actress is Lien Van de Kelder. The haatreacties on social media take huge proportions. “I hope that somebody her today in the other stores on the street,” a voice said on the Instagram page of Lien Van de Kelder. Hard, but the actress can laugh about it.

“As my children but not next to me I was really a beating,” laughs Lien in All. The actress is also not awake of the haatreacties. On the contrary. A soap should indeed be extreme reactions trigger, said Lien Van de Kelder. “It’s nice that Marie so hard, the tempers rise.” Lien Van de Kelder sees it as a compliment if she comments under the eyes, as Marie is the largest rotwijf ever’ or ‘That the Lien Of the Basement, which role wants to play is a disgrace’. That her acting performance, the emotions suit is fine, says Lien in All.

Lien Van de Kelder can the comments already better release than the emotions that they must play on the set. That you take sometimes, after all, still home. “I have lately, however, many should weep on the set, and then you feel physically that you with thick eyes needs to get home and very tired.” Yet it is Lien Van de Kelder never woke up from her role in the Family. In the past, it was that different…

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