Liefdesbreuk for Margot Hallemans

a997f8695a29742e224b10a749f85b73 - Liefdesbreuk for Margot Hallemans

What brings this week, the first time, the news that Family-actress Margot Hallemans again single. Margot, who have been the role of Hanne Van den Bossche in the Family for her, broke up recently with her boyfriend Nick. They were two years together.
What a contrast with Family where Hanne finally lucky in love and together with Quinten. But in real life, Margot unlucky on liefdesvlak. After two years it came to a rift between her and the six-year-old Nick. Margot let Day All know that the fracture at an early stage and that there are no third parties in the game. Both Margot and Nick are busy people. Nick has a company that soup distributes to businesses. Earlier this year, Nick is still a soupbar. It was he in the direction of media on the support of his partner Margot in charge. But Nick will so single-handedly have to do as the two went out together.

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