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‘It was painful, but we could not be otherwise’

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Michael Verschueren try Anderlecht-players energize after dismissal Vanhaezebrouck

‘It was painful, but we could not be otherwise’

Anderlecht sets soon an athletic director, and then a new coach. The duo Karim Belhocine-Jonas De Roeck take for now until the winter break.

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Karim Belhocine (right, with Ognjen Vranjes) led yesterday his first training session as interim coach of Anderlecht. Vincent Kalut/photo news

Michael Verschueren try Anderlecht-players energize after dismissal Vanhaezebrouck

‘It was painful, but we could not be otherwise’

Anderlecht sets soon an athletic director, and then a new coach. The duo Karim Belhocine-Jonas De Roeck take for now until the winter break.

Anderlecht will get competition from Leverkusen

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Jürgen Geril

AnderlechtAls there are two camera crews, three photographers and seven journalists become entrenched in parts of the gates of the oefencomplex, then hang on there are dark clouds over Anderlecht. The only sunshine came from Ivan Obradovic. ‘Hello guys, for me it’s not a bad day’, grinned the Serb at the entrance. Obra had in the afternoon, however, still train with the B team, but hopes secretly that he is quickly a new chance at the beginning now Vanhaezebrouck way.

When the players of the A-core was the face of a thunderstorm. Dimata, Bornauw, Bakkali… arrived between 9 and 10 o’clock in the morning, and rode within with the focus on infinity. Only Sven Kums wanted to briefly say something. “I was absolutely surprised,” says the captain. “We can have the trainer, nothing to blame.’

Speak in groups

The cast of actors was at that time officially still not informed about the resignation of Vanhaezebrouck. The coach had his C4 Sunday night received, when Didillon and co. all were home. Consequently, Michael Verschueren yesterday morning for 8 hours to the club. When everyone present was, said the general manager of the group for a few minutes.

Within the game group lives the idea that Vanhaezebrouck on Cercle Abazaj absolutely had to use from Coucke. That even messages are sent

“This trainersontslag was very painful,” said Verschueren. “But given the poor results we could not otherwise. I’m counting on you for the last two matches of 2018. To know what lives inside the core, I would like to also like to be in separate groups as to speak.’

The Inhabitants were excited, no one dared to stand up and respond. There are multiple reasons. What do you say to Verschueren, three days ago, publicly stated that everyone right behind Vanhaezebrouck was? Yeah.

In addition, there is within the nucleus a number of rumors about president Marc Coucke. Believe the group that Vanhaezebrouck on Cercle Crystal Abazaj was forced to select from Coucke. Even more, there would be about that even a mandatory message sent. Hein was the fight tired and left the Albanian effective for the first raids in Bruges. Some players think in any case that the steering behavior of Coucke their fair opportunities to play gigs undermined.

Whether they concern also effective known made in the separate groepsgesprekjes, is not known. What is clear however, is that the players still believe in assistant, Karim Belhocine, physical coach, Gino Caen, and goalkeeper coach Max de Jong. Around 11 am made Anderlecht announced that they are provisional ones and that Belhocine T1 ad interim. He will receive the assistance of beloftecoach Jonas De Roeck (ex-STVV). His U21 played yesterday at royal Antwerp in their last match before the winter break, after that, The Roeck-free. It is, however, Belhocine against Mouscron and Waasland-Beveren in the last two games for new year – the team will draft. Kortrijk took the Franco-Algerian ever about Johan Walem and when were the first results are good. “I just want my work to do’, is the response Belhocine.

Hein does not

After a short training session, led by the interim coach, if the players already home. Initially it was expected that Hein Vanhaezebrouck some stuff from his office would come and pick it up and just for a farewell of his game group, but that plan blew Harry off when he heard how much press there for the gate was. He is sometimes along at a quieter time.

From bestuurskringen remained in the otherwise deafening silence. Luc Devroe rode inside without looking back, Marc Coucke was the whole day in the Pro League and abstained from any comments, and Michael Verschueren has his hands full with the search for new employees. So Anderlecht will soon be a sports director appoint: a large (foreign) name. That enjoy now the priority, and that director may be fiat on the top of the list with candidate-successors for Vanhaezebrouck. The sports director and the new coach will decide whether assistants Belhocine, Caen and The Young can stay on. Yes, Anderlecht is one big construction site.

Peter Bosz. blg

Anderlecht will get competition from Leverkusen

Peter Bosz is high on the wish-list of purple-and-white, but the Dutchman can also go to the Bundesliga.

BrusselAnderlecht established a clear profile for his future trainer. After Hein Vanhaezebrouck that his players sometimes lavished with tactical analysis, wants RSCA now more a people manager. The coach must have great results be able to produce offensive football, and youth launch.

Thus, it is not surprising that purple-and-white in the first place leads to two trainers with a prestigious record of achievements in voorbeeldclub Ajax: Peter Bosz and Frank de Boer.

Bosz (55) would, according to insiders, the most prominent candidate, but Anderlecht is not the only candidate. So Leverkusen to him, even in the visor. The Germans started this season with Champions League ambitions to the Bundesliga, but after 15 days they are only eleventh. Therefore, they want their coach Heiko Herlich dismiss and Peter Bosz or Marco Rose (RB Salzburg) appoint as a replacement. Choose the Dutchman still for Anderlecht?

New coach must have great results to be able to present
offensive football and
young people launch

Bosz himself was not reachable for comment, but Anderlecht hopes on a prestigious name. Bosz has, but one system, but in doing so, he brings very offensive and vertical football. He led Ajax just not for the title, but to the (lost) Europa League final of 2016. In addition, he launched some Amsterdam youth players. The debut of Frenkie de Jong is a plume on his hat, and he also showed Justin Kluivert and Matthijs de ligt ontbolsteren. Unfortunately for him, it went to Borussia Dortmund less well off, because there he was after 163 days dismissed.

Because Bosz for Leverkusen to choose, Anderlecht are still other candidates on the eye. This is especially to Frank de Boer gelonkt. Who wants not to far away from home, more work, and so Brussels is ideal. The Farmer won as coach between 2011 and 2014 four titles with Ajax and also played a role in the development of Red Devils Alderweireld and Vertonghen. It seems like a good option, though The Farmer a less direct coach than Leaf.

Finally applied there is still a notable name. John van den Brom (52) stops soon after five years as coach at AZ Alkmaar, and find that he also meets the profile sought. Also he is an ex-following his departure to chelsea and a people manager and he was in the past already a champion with Anderlecht.

Frank the Farmer. pn

The focus seems to be so – just as with the athletic director on foreign pistes. Enzo Scifo is especially cited as a potential assistant, while Frank Vercauteren and Glen De Boeck only names are that somewhere in the mind. (jug)

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