Is die Hard a movie? This says research

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Bruce Willis

The magazine Hollywood Reporter and research center Morning Report showed recently, actually perform an investigation about this difficult question. Almost sixty percent of the people are die Hard ” movie. Interestingly enough, this percentage among men is 10 percent lower than among women.

Also age seems to make a difference. In the age group between 18 and 30 years old calls only half of the respondents That Hard no movie. This is also true for voters between 30 and 44, to which the film in their youth saw. But of this group calls 37 percent in the Bruce Willis vehicle absolúút a movie. Among young people this percentage is only 25 percent.

Of people over 65 is almost 80% That Hard is absolutely not a movie. Of this group only 12.5 percent of the respondents believe that the brutal action movie with christmas can be associated.

Ultimate movie

All creators and connoisseurs in recent years have a penny in the pouch of the discussion done. The British magazine Empire called die Hard last year from the ultimate movie, while actor Bruce Willis during his roast on Comedy Central stated that he doesn’t find that his film the kerstpredikaat deserves.

Screenwriter Steven E. de Souza is not with Willis. At the end of last year he said That Hard always as a movie to have seen.

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