How goes it still with Kris & Yves?

a9c7ed9266c79d6c872e155ea1ee5941 - How goes it still with Kris & Yves?

Tuesday morning got Sam De Bruyn and Wim Oosterlinck Kris & Yves as mystery guests on the floor in the ochtendshow of Qmusic as a result of the Top 500 of the 00’s. The duo is known for their weekly section in Man Bites Dog in the Zeroes. “It’s been so long ago that I have seen, I just need to think who of the two of you Kris and who He is”, laughed Sam. But what’s going on with Kris & Yves? “It goes well with us. We continue to be recognized, only by older women, such as in a nursing home. And if you’re on the market in Haacht then they say: when you come again on tv? Then we have to mail you once more to Woestijnvis, hey,” said Kris. “We are still as good friends as when, but Kris is still beyond the simple,” added Yves already laughing.

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