Heart-pounding finale of Dance As One

632e755e99b7f3f0059b50fb94c5d771 - Heart-pounding finale of Dance As One

The last few weeks, fought 20 danscrews from Flanders and the Netherlands for a place in the sizzling finale of Dance As One. Three crews have the elimination race survived: The Revolutionary from Brussels and the Dutch dancers of The CDK and Oxygen. They go into the grand final on Wednesday 19 december 2018 to battle with each other for 50,000 euros. Who dances the best, as one, and the best synchronous danscrews of the Low Countries?

The crews kick the finale off with a new choreography in their own style and managed music. Anything is allowed, as long as the but sync is. In round 2, choosing the finalists was their favorite performance of the past few weeks. Oxygen got into the semi-finals are still 3 tens for their schaduwdans. They will also not risk out of the way by which dance now do it again… For round 3 is going to raise the bar – or better said the camera height. The dancers have a topshotchoreografie think that from the roof of the studio in the picture. Who is the original out of the corner?

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