Grandson wanted to be Julie Andrews in Aquaman

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Julie Andrews

Wan knew early in the process that he was a woman wanted for the role, he tells BuzzE. “The Karathen, as that character is called, is our version of the Kraken, a huge monster with giant tentacles. It is the most powerful being in that world, so of course that had to be a woman.”

It felt the beast for the director for one reason or another’ very British. “Thus was born the idea to some posh British damesstem for use. So I watched ’ladies’ as Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Julie Andrews.”

So it was Andrew’s grandson who is her flattered. “Julie told him that she was polled for the film, and he is apparently a lover of my work,” says Wan, who previously, horrors Saw and Insidious and action movie Furious 7 made. “He has his grandmother persuaded, and that I am very grateful for because I can me the Karathen now no longer imagine without the voice of Julie.”

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