Girl dies in hotelvriezer

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Chicago – A 19-year-old girl that night in the Crown Plaza, the road lost and accidentally in a freezer unit of the hotel ended up, is there froze to death.

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Kenneka Jenkins came accidentally in a hotelvriezer and died.

Her family claims $ 50 million in damages.

Kenneka Jenkins was in september 2017 to a party and came during the night in the hotel.

On bewakingsbeelden is to see that they are drunk staggering through the halls of the Crown Plaza in Chicago puffed.

At a given moment took Kenneka the wrong exit and opentdede door of the freezer. The door slammed behind her close. The last meters are not on the picture, because there is no camera at the entrance of the walk-in freezer with double steel doors.

Her mother, Teresa Martin, hit the following morning alarm after friends of Kenneka told that they could not be found. The hotel was searched, but the dense freezer in the first instance are skipped, so writes the Chicago Tribune.

The family of the froze to death girl demands money from the hotel where she died.

From the autopsy it appeared that Kenneka drink and drugs had used. Probably so much that she the door of the freezer not more from the inside could open it. According to the police there was nothing wrong with the lock.

Da family claims the money because the freezer unit never be accessible should have had.

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