Girl (16) bicycle parking Rotterdam school shot

373c61caba5790a4b8531a990cf8e9a5 - Girl (16) bicycle parking Rotterdam school shot

A strange girl is in the bicycle shed of her school in Rotterdam shot. A 31-year-old suspect has been arrested, reports the police.

Workers have the girl try to revive him, but all the help came too late. She is on the spot death.

According to eyewitnesses it’s about a girl from the fourth year. The 31-year-old suspect, who is a few miles away, was arrested, her ex-friend.

‘They had a relationship, but it did not go well,’ says a pupil who is the victim. “They had him blocked on social media and more often by him in difficult cases. Friends have reported to teachers.

The family of the girl was notified and is currently being mentored by victim support.

The Rotterdam Designcollege is a creative education programme, which is a pratijkgerichte vocational/technical training.

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