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Gilles De Coster talks with misdaaddokters on Canvas

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After his conversations with top lawyers, will Gilles De Coster will also be back next year on Canvas. He talks in ‘Misdaaddokters’ with medical specialists who tell the story behind the heavy crime to reconstruct.

In the spring of 2019 brings to Canvas a number of fixed values on the screen, there is a focus on news and current affairs, and there are brand new ranges, including Hanne dances’, ‘Misdaaddokters’, a three-part report about the impact of Facebook and VDB. I am not god’, a unique look at the life of cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke.

In ‘Hanne dances ” trying to Hanne Decoutere, anchored at ‘The Journal’, in its meisjesdroom and she explores the world of the ballet. Canvas compares the program with Thomas Vanderveken, who in ” Thomas plays the hard’ in a year’s time, the piano concerto of Edvard Grieg learned to play. “What Decoutere do with dance is really great. At the same time, it is a program that ballet is going, ” explains network manager Olivier Goris.

In the three-part series ‘Facebook and I’ investigating journalist Tim Verheyden, the history, the impact and the future of the mother of all social networks. ‘Verheyden manages to make things up to extract or our things to do know where we do not have enough dwell, ” says the network manager.

‘VDB. I am not god’ is, according to Goris no classic sportdocumentaire about the cycling hero will be given from Ploegsteert. “The series uses a lot of unseen footage that never has come out. Through the entourage of Vandenbroucke, who has participated, we have unique archival footage and interviews.”

Gilles De Coster finally talk in ‘Misdaaddokters’ with medical specialists who tell the story behind the heavy crime to reconstruct. Goris: ‘That misdaaddokters we know, for example, programs like ‘CSI’. De Coster examines how the in Flanders. The doctors are all great characters and narrators.’

Network manager Olivier Goris prides itself on Canvas is a own, strong identity. ‘Canvas is a transmitter who programs and stories that no other Flemish tv-station. Canvas must be uncompromising top quality. If you are a fan of our channel, then you should have the feeling that you, whenever you with Canvas face, a new insight. And the programs have been put in a fresh form, with sharpness.’

‘While One is a connecting station, for a wide audience from young to old, the Canvas is more important that the transmitter sharp tv and that the viewer is not disappointed, then, is that we like a lot of viewers reached”, emphasizes Goris.

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