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Gilles De Coster reveals new season of ‘The Mole’

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The new season of The Mole takes place in Vietnam. That has presenter Gilles De Coster on Instagram published.

‘Thus’, he writes briefly at the picture as a tag Vietnam. Of South America, traveling The Mole now to Asia.

Yesterday promised Gilles De Coster in a video that the new season announced ‘total transparency’. In the video were all hidden hints about the location.

The presenter announced that the new season is not in Luxembourg would be held, and wore a T-shirt ‘.be’ on. If you visit the website nietnaarluxemburg.be surfte, got a new tip.

Previously found the recordings take place in Argentina, South Africa and Mexico.

This message on Instagram

A message shared by Gilles De Coster (@gdcoster) on 18 Dec 2018, to 2:07 (PST)

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