Gijs Naber is Holleeder in tv-series Judas

6a9f5172edb4f6317087deee169a92be - Gijs Naber is Holleeder in tv-series Judas

Gijs Naber

Earlier it was already known that Rifka Lodeizen to see if his sister Astrid, and that, Marit van Bohemen the role of sister Sonja. The series is based on the eponymous bestseller from Astrid Holleeder. Other roles are for Carry Tefsen, which together with Bianca Krijgsman in the role creeps from Stien, the mother of William, Astrid and Sonja. Bas de Keijzer plays Cor of Wood. The direction is in the hands of Joram Lürsen.

In the six-part series, which in its entirety is shown in Videoland and weekly on RTL 4, works Astrid to the point that she and her brother finally betrays to justice. On the basis of flashbacks to their childhood past.

In the preparation for her role was Marit van Bohemen at the beginning of this year from the court in Amsterdam, where they Holleeder process followed. The actress had audio recordings of the voice of Holleeders sister, Sonja, to delve into her accent. She did not know that this is strictly prohibited in the court.

At this time, there is also a play to see of Judas.

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