Film director based in Mechelen is a new friend of An Lemmens

f9db49b46f5704daccaa222201cc4d23 - Film director based in Mechelen is a new friend of An Lemmens

The VTM presenter An Lemmens recently announced that they have a new love in her life. She now also has his identity disclosed. It is a 40-year-old Malinois with a lot of respect in the film world.

No, An Lemmens is not together with Niels Destadsbader. Although rumors in that sense, the round did, punctured the 38-year-old ‘The Voice Senior’presenter today those suspicions, by the real lucky. That is Sam Ostyn, a film director from Mechelen, which has its own case and cosmetics giant Garnier, watch brand Komono and radio stations as Radio 1 and Studio Brussels in his portfolio.

A few years ago filmed Ostyn a documentary about the town of Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. Thus, he made the front page of the local newspaper ‘The Herald of Truth or Consequences’. In addition to directing, the man has a passion for djing. So etaleerde he technobeats all in Fuse and Silo Club.

The two are now three weeks together. Lemmens had the last few years have black snow seen on regarding relationships. So she got divorced in the year 2015 of her then-husband Arne Quinze, with whom they have a daughter.

That separation didn’t go off without a hitch. “After a very tough and traumatic separation, it is very pleasant to me so to feel. I am very hard to hurt. Everything that I believed in, turned out to be a lie. Something I wanted myself no longer acceptable. Then you suddenly fall in love and disappear all the ratio. And you think: foert, we’ll see. Because even if goes wrong, you have come to the top. A heart heals always”, testified Lemmens on Qmusic.

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