Family Jan Cross start crowdfunding for museum

e0f4a36241ff7239d941d342690d7bb5 - Family Jan Cross start crowdfunding for museum

Cross died almost two years ago. The plans for a museum have been in existence a long time, but the funding never came around. The building would be somewhere in the province of Drenthe have come to stand, where to Cross the last few decades lived; in the first instance, had the cartoonist and the foundation of a building in the municipality of Midden-Drenthe on the eye.

The Jan Cross-museum must be a complete picture of the life and work of the artist. Also, there are many interactive parts, where the visitors themselves can be part of the world of Jan, Jans and the Children, or where children can learn how the beloved characters to draw.

Cross for his death, still helped with the compilation of many parts of the museum, such as the interactive drawing course. The foundation behind the plan also intends to ensure that the work of the Cross is catalogued and preserved for later generations.

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