Digital channel of Paul Haenen is success

a8bb52df16eec9364577e0f069faa5d0 - Digital channel of Paul Haenen is success

Haenen for the channel weekly programs, such as sermons of his alter ego reverend Gremdaat or classic ’vensterbankgesprekken’ of Margreet Dolman from the window of the Betty Asfaltcomplex. Also want Haenen and Of Spirit again the program True, that they are in the seventies for the AWARD made. This spoke Haenen with people that unlikely things had happened. “I think this era of fake news is crying out for such a stage”, he says.

His two alter ego’s are still immensely popular; were regularly preaching Gremdaat on YouTube more than a hundred thousand views. But Haenen and Of Spirit hold their material rather own than to outsource to an external company such as YouTube.

It is intended that not only Haenen contribute ourselves to deliver to the channel, but also all the great and small artists, which is regularly the stage in the Betty Asfalt playing. It is not only for young upcoming talent, but also perhaps to popular and established names like Theo Maassen, or Daniel Arends. developed in collaboration with the company Tradecast in Zwolle.

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