Dieter Coppens and Kevin on the way to Wachtebeke

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Dieter Coppens and Kevin Down The Road to their action for Music for life began. She lifts from Rovaniemi in Finland to Wachtebeke. Easy is the journey not. Not even for an experienced lifter as Dieter Coppens, all with the thumbs up from the south pole to the north pole hitchhiked. “I have six months in Rovaniemi studied. There live few people, and keen to up hitchhikers to take are not. That goes for the whole Scandinavia. Therefore, mik I in five days to Finland, Sweden and Denmark to travel, and two through Germany and the Netherlands, in Belgium, to get. We have a camera crew that is following us in a mobile home. But we are not going to cheat. Along the way we will call in people to stay overnight. Hopefully, we are for christmas eve back, because my wife and I have two kerstfeestjes preparation”, says Coppens in het Nieuwsblad.

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