Dennis Black Magic wrote autobiography

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Dennis Black Magic currently resides in the prison of Leuven, which he next year in september will be allowed to leave. Filmmaker Jan Verheyen had the former pornokoning once said that he the story of his life once had to write. Because Dennis now between four walls and time enough, he decided immediately to start. In the meantime, this autobiography is finished, we read on The book will be the greatest secrets and brutal truths as the author suggests.

Allegedly search investigative journalists already sixteen years for the truth, about Zundays, the already existing ‘Zillion tapes ” and whether or not political leaders who assaults… More can Dennis not currently disclose.

Dennis Burkas, such as Black Magic really is hot looking for five proofreaders or readers that the book would be read before the printing presses leave. You have to promise to have everything in it published is still to keep it a secret. Interested parties may write to Dennis Burkas, prison of Leuven, Maria Theresiastraat 74, 3000 Leuven, belgium.

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