David Van Reybrouck argues for a ‘preferendum’ in place of a new Brexitreferendum

479f4f65d72cfb20a6f2fc9da6dbc619 - David Van Reybrouck argues for a ‘preferendum’ in place of a new Brexitreferendum

Historian and writer David Van Reybrouck does not want a new vote for the Brexit, even if he feels that there after the original referendum in 2016, people may have the opinion changed as new facts are known. Instead, he calls for a preferendum.

According to Van Reybrouck was the biggest problem of the Brexitreferendum the referendum itself, ” he writes in The Guardian. He wondered how such a drastic decision could be made by a popular referendum based on a simple majority.

The historian proposes as an alternative a preferendum for. It should be voters for or against Brexit, but they get a list of 30 statements in which they per statement to indicate to what extent they agree with it. Then they should get a top three pick. That way, the result would be a list of shared priorities.

A couple of Of Reybroucks proposed propositions are ‘Only the United Kingdom should decide who has the country in may’ or ‘Migration can only be solved if the UK works with European partners’. It also sets up the writer for all voters to be informed by them in advance on a brochure to give with pro – and contra-arguments by the proposal.

According to Van Reybrouck would be a preferendum everyone happy. The Remain-camp would have a last word, and the Leave-camp would be taken seriously. Furthermore, politicians have a clear answer about what the people want.

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