Court of El Salvador speaks to woman that are in jail, risked for abortion after rape

15a536e3007df75e49885e5450bb2e71 - Court of El Salvador speaks to woman that are in jail, risked for abortion after rape

A Salvadoran woman who is twenty years in prison was for attempted murder, was on Monday acquitted after eighteen months on remand in the cell, to have spent. The woman was suspected of abortion to want to commit after being raped by her stepfather.

The twenty-year-old Imelda Cortez gave birth to in april 2017 in a toilet, and left the newborn child behind. When Cortez then sought medical attention at a hospital, suspects doctors her that they had tried having an abortion. Since abortion in El Salvador under all circumstances a criminal offense, she was arrested and she had to appear before the judge.

The court particular Monday, however, is that Cortez, who did not know that after the rape, pregnant, never planned on her newborn daughter to bring life. The baby had the birth, also survived, so was the young woman acquitted.

As they left the courtroom left was Cortez welcomed by family members and demonstrating human rights activists, who for her release had asked.

22 women locked up

The stepfather of Cortez, who raped her, in the meantime, have been arrested. He awaits the start of his trial, reports the prosecutor’s office.

El Salvador has some of the most antiabortuswetten in the world. Abortion commit, or assist in an abortion, is completely illegal, even if the life of the pregnant woman is at stake. According to human rights activists are currently 22 women in the Latin American country’s prison terms of up to 35 years for committing abortion.

Easing legislation voted out of office

“The release of Imelda Cortez offers hope to all women who for similar facts, incarcerated, or are currently being tried as murderers,” says lawyer Ana Martinez to news agency Reuters.

President Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador launched in 2017, the bill of abortion to after a rape or when the pregnant woman’s serious health risks, but the proposal was voted down by the parliament.

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