Calendar of Putin rage among Japanese women

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TOKYO – Vladimir Putin that an ice bath takes, a little dog hugs or ice hockey play. A calendar with pictures of the Russian president is all the rage in Japan, especially among women.

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The snapshots of Putin saving especially among Japanese women.

They are already a couple of years issued: the nieuwjaarskalenders of the Russian president vladimir Putin. But still, the photo calendar without prejudice popular in Japan. The 66-year-old Putin shows every month, sometimes with bare-chested, from the other side. The one time a tough weightlifter, the other time all of nursing with a puppy.

The calendar of Putin stores, according to chain store Loft better than that of many a Japanese actor or an athlete, such as Olympic champion figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu. Many Japanese calendar purchase, including a large number of women, are attracted by the sturdy, masculine style of the Russian leader, write Japanese media. That he at the same time, it is also possible his human side can show, works according to experts, only in his favor.


Critics point out correctly on a very different explanation for the popularity of the calendar. Russia would be on their own to Putin in a positive light with the eye on the hardened conflict over the kuril islands. That is a group of islands in the Sea of Ochotsk, where both Russia and Japan claim to say.

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