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Brazilian state-owned Bank Stablecoin is planning for 2019 – Coin Hero

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Brazilian state-owned Bank plans to Stablecoin for 2019

Home News Brazilian state-owned Bank plans to Stablecoin for 2019

Matthias Nemack –

Just in time for the end of the year, a further message comes from South America, to a newly planned Stablecoin. This Time, a state-owned Bank signed the messages from Brazil, for the upcoming emissions.

The new currency bears the name of BNDES

In various portals has been rumored to be longer, that in Brazil, a new project initiated to develop around the topic of crypto-currencies, or in this case, the stable coins to rotate. Now the light seems to come in the thing. The new project is to listen to the name BNDES. In this model, a so-called Stablecoin is as I said. The special feature: The state Bank to National Social Development Bank is aware of rely on a Token that is pegged to the national currency – the Real.

Ethereum has received as a Blockchain award

A clear difference, so currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which act in turn as an independent digital currency. The binding to the Real is to secure a new Token, and especially for the Brazilian Fiat money opportunities through the connection with the virtual world. Speaking of Ethereum: this Blockchain forms the basis of the BNDES, to hear how the environment of the Bank. The pilot project will be in January. The first test runs taken by the Bank for the year 2018. A purpose should be the allocation of funds to cultural institutions, which can be tax deductible.

Bank promises to increase confidence in state banks

In an Advisory capacity on Board is the well-known development company ConsenSys who are familiar with the Ethereum model. The Ethereum Foundation to provide active support. From the point of view of the Brazilian Bank, the step is understandable, because the Blockchain offers good application possibilities in the fight against corruption and for more transparency. In the past there had been repeated with these issues at the Bank. A goal of the project is the restoration of confidence in state banks by citizens and companies. The current concept is, the person responsible for an early expansion to areas outside the cultural sector.

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