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Belgian first graders may only for outgoing transfers rely on brokers

1a1de7556ca6ba2f73217281e84f708e - Belgian first graders may only for outgoing transfers rely on brokers

According to the recommendations of the panel of experts of the Pro League, which on Monday approved were allowed to clubs only to rely on a broker for outbound transfers. This is evident from the summary of the recommendations that the Pro League Tuesday published.

The general principle is that brokers only and only by players hired for the negotiation of their contract. Starting next zomermercato players will be the real estate agent directly to pay, financial interventions by the club are prohibited.

But the Pro League is an exception for outbound transfers, with transfer fee. Then, the clubs themselves or turn to a broker. The commission is then calculated as a percentage on the transferbedrag, or according to a daily subsistence allowance (for transers without transfer fee). “Taking into account, among other with the rule that says that the player’s broker himself must pay, may clubs for outgoing transfers, do not rely on realtors who have a player represent the same club is connected,” explains the Pro League. This conflict of interest to avoid.

All the other “service agreements” with brokers are strictly prohibited for the clubs. The man watches over the type of exception, and if necessary, can impose sanctions, such as a transferverbod.

The Pro League made clear in the document who as a real estate agent should occur. Therefore, they ask the federal legislator to a “professional institute for the sportmakelaar”, where they can register under more stringent conditions. Some brokers who are not involved as a shareholder, partner or director of a football club can appeal. “Both features are incompatible with each other,” says the Pro League.

Clubs may not negotiate with non-registered brokers, also be penalties drawn. Can brokers still claim a bonus, it is apparent from the document. The club and the player may with a view to a future transfer to capture. “Here, the player can undertake to the net amount of this bonus or fee, in whole or in part, to his broker.”

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