AZ is leading with 5-0 in a cup match against weak PEC Zwolle

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  • AZ is leading with 5-0 in a cup match against weak PEC Zwolle

AZ is leading with 5-0 in a cup match against weak PEC Zwolle

18 december 2018 18:04
18-12-18 18:04
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In the eighth finals of the KNVB cup is on Tuesday of one duel on the program. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss AZ-PEC Zwolle (20.45 hours started).

  • Eighth-finals KNVB cup tonight:
  • Willem II-AFC 3-0
  • FC Twente-RKC Waalwijk 2-0
  • AZ-PEC Zwolle 4-0 (20.45)

4 minutes geleden58′ Almost 6-0 for AZ, but Adam Maher gets away the pole. At the Alkmaarders is Bjørn Johnsen in the field in the hope of some doelpuntjes to pick up.12 minutes ago50′ GOAL AZ! 5-0

Again, it is the tap for the home team. Midtsjø shoot but once from a distance and sees that that wager Farmer to powerful. Where is this on for the unleashed team of trainer John van den Brom.15 minutes ago,48′ GOAL AZ! 4-0

AZ goes after relax proceed with scoring. Lift, the maker of the 3-0, now Seuntjens able to score.16 minutes geleden46′ The second half in Alkmaar has started, with on both sides a bill of exchange. Ron Vlaar makes at AZ place for Pantelis Hatzidiakos. Sepp van den Berg takes the place of Ouasim Bouy at PEC Zwolle.28 minutes ago

Last. FC Twente-RKC Waalwijk 2-0

Reuzendoder RKC Waalwijk, in the previous round, PSV are out of the tournament knikkerde, now the cup to say goodbye. FC Twente, the number four in the First Division, is by goals of Schenk and Oosterwijk 2-0 to a strong and state in the quarterfinals.31 minutes ago90+1′ GOAL FC Twente! 2-0

In injury time decided to FC Twente the party. Jari Oosterwijk scored the 2-0 against RKC, that in the previous round is still a huge stunt made by PSV off.32 minutes agoREST. The question is not whether, but by what score AZ are the places for the quarter-finals. At rest state the goals of Idrissi (2x), and Lift up 3-0 against the hosts PEC Zwolle.38 minutes ago there are39 ” RED PEC Zwolle

It goes from bad to worse at PEC Zwolle. Lamb gets the breakthrough Seutjens down, leaving the visitors with a 3-0 gap even with ten hour geleden70′ The voltage seems tonight to have to come from the Grolsch Veste. With still twenty minutes on the clock leads Twente still with 1-0 against hour ago,25′ GOAL AZ! 3-0

And there is number three! It is completely open at PEC and benefit Fredrik Midtsjø, that the ball on a silver platter to deliver to Lift, that there is a close hour geledenNiet only PEC Zwolle sharing gifts in Alkmaar tonight.

🎅 Santa came early this year 😁
#azpec (1-0)


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen20:59 – 18 december 2018één hours ago18′ GOAL AZ! 2-0

The blessing of was just for PEC reprieve. Seuntjens and Idrissi are fully to the attention escapes. With his second of the evening put Idrissi AZ on a hour geledenMats Seuntjens counted him already, but his boogbal about goalkeeper Jack bounces on the goal line and then runs with a lot of impact away. A curious moment, where the Farmer is clearly and angel on the line had to hour agoa 10′ GOAL AZ! 1-0

A good start for AZ. Oussama Idrissi shoot after a nice individual action great touch. PEC-goalkeeper Diederik Boer has no hour geleden50′ A huge opportunity for the Boere to the edge of the Twente double. The striker, bounces close up on hour geleden3′ Also at the late cup match AZ-PEC Zwolle is kicked off. The Alkmaarders were the past two seasons losing finalist. In 2017 they lost to Vitesse, a year later Feyenoord.2 hours ago

PEACE. FC Twente are looking for against RKC Waalwijk a 1-0-lead the dressing room on. A rake header of Xandro Schenk makes the preliminary difference between the two clubs.2 hours ago

Willem II has no crazy things to do for a place in the last eight in the cup. Previously FC Volendam (1-2) and SV Spakenburg (5-0) reports.2 hours agoLast. Willem II-AFC 3-0

Willem II will be the first club to the quarterfinals of the TOTO KNVB-cup. By goals of Aviijaj, Sol and Özbiliz are the amateurs of AFC with 3-0. The end position was already reached peace.2 hours ago –26′ GOAL FC Twente! 1-0

Halfway through the first half the home team the lead. Defender Xandro Schenk can the ball from a free kick that free-standing behind RKC goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen heads.2 hours geleden70 Even at Sol, the visor is not always sharp. The goaltjesdief of Willem II seems to be the ball into the empty goal to slide, but shoot and more besides.2 hours geleden65′ Willem II plays in the second half with the parking brake and therefore AFC the chance to frequently attack to find. More than a nice free-kick from Linthorst delivers the offensiefje, however, not yet.2 hours geledenBij AZ missing the injured full-Ouwejan. Wijndal is his replacement.

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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen19:48 – 18 december 20182 hours geleden1′ of the second cup match of the evening has begun. FC Twente counts as number 4 of Kitchen Champion Division as a favorite against RKC, that thirteenth.2 hours geledenBij PEC Zwolle, there is a move for Zian Flemming, who in the previous round but less than four times scored against The County. The team of trainer John van ‘t schip starts at 20.45 hours at the uitduel with AZ.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: #azpec #peczwolle #totoknvbbeker


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen19:36 – 18 december 20183 hours geleden46′ The second half Willem II, AFC is started. Know the amateurs from Amsterdam have something to do this bekeravondje?3 hours agoREST. The rustsignaal sounds in the Koning Willem II Stadium. By goals of Avdijaj, Sol and Özbiliz, the home team to a big 3-0-lead against AFC.3 hours ago

Avdijaj is celebrating the 1-0 with Crowley, that the assist well. Meanwhile, it is already 3-0 for the people of tilburg.3 hours ago –39′ GOAL for Willem II! 3-0

The tale of the amateurs of AFC goes in Tilburg, the netherlands no follow-up. Özbiliz curls the ball with the left or sit in the corner and leave the goalkeeper Zonneveld hopeless.3 hours ago,37′ GOAL for Willem II! 2-0

Fran Sol, which itself was brought down by Jonathan Richard, remains cool to the touch and shoot the penalty. Willem II seems to be the sheep for peace is already on the dry.3 hours ago thePenalty Willem II3 hours geleden34′ A kopkansje of Sol is a simple prey for Zonneveld. On the other hand, Grootfaam there is imminent by for AFC, but he forgets at the right time to print.3 hours geleden28′ Willem II dominates in his own home and goes looking for more hits. Aras Özbiliz is close, but know of close to AFC goalkeeper Patrick Zonneveld not to pass.3 hours geledenDeze elf at his side at the kick-off in Enschede. The Waalwijkers made in the previous round for a huge stunt by PSV off.

Set-up / 💛💙


AuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen18:51 – 18 december 20183 hours ago18′ GOAL for Willem II! 1-0

The home team has what it wants: an early openingsgoal. Donis Avdijaj shoot hard and high touch after a good through ball from Daniel Crowley.3 hours geledenDe preparation of FC Twente, that in exactly one hour, starting at the thuisduel with RKC.

The preparation for the game against RKC.


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen18:42 – 18 december 20183 hours geleden12′ Avdijaj claims a penalty after he goes down in the sixteen meters, but referee Teuben couldn’t know. The VAR can he not consult, because that is there in the cup before the quarter-finals.3 hours geleden5 ” We are five minutes on the road in Tilburg and the biggest opportunity so far for AFC. The ball caramboleert for the feet of Yordi Teijsse, but his bet is then just next to it.4 hours geleden1′ The first eighth-finals of the KNVB cup started. Can AFC, the leader in the Second Division, stunts against the number thirteen of the Premier league?4 hours geledenNiet all buses from Amsterdam are already in Tilburg arrived, but is slowly trickling to the supporters of AFC now in the stadium. It’s about time too, because the competition is about to begin.4 hours geledenDit is the bekerprogramma for tonight, tomorrow and Thursday.

🏆 | We are going to start, the eighth-finals of the TOTO KNVB Cup go start! All eight of the matches you can see LIVE on FOX Sports.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen18:01 – 18 december 20184 hours geledenTijd for the warm-up. About a half-hour shoot Willem II and AFC in the eighth finals of the KNVB-cup.

🔛 Warm-up!


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen17:54 – 18 december 20185 hours geledenDe preparation of AFC: Zonneveld, Fouad, Grootfaam, Angle, Ignacio, Kulhan, Kwee, Linthorst, Richard, K. Teijsse, Y. Teijsse.5 hours geledenDeze eleven should are going to do for Willem II, that about 18.30 hours aftrapt against the amateurs of AFC.

Our 1⃣1⃣ tonight!


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen17:02 – 18 december 20185 hours ago

Van la parra seems to fit for bekerduel
Feyenoord seems to be Thursday in the cup match against FC Utrecht just to have Rajiv van la parra. “He has an afternoon programme finished and the expectation is that he can play,” says trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Van la parra fell Sunday league in the 0-2 lost at home against Fortuna Sittard.6 hours geledenHet field, there is already great at in Tilburg, the netherlands. Start here Willem and AFC to 18.30 hrs in the eighth finals of the cup.

✅ Lines
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AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen16:19 – december 18, 2018Back to top

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