Also Dolf Jansen hopes on second Correspondents’ Dinner

21f6e2b28cbabb73638eaa378e8d030b - Also Dolf Jansen hopes on second Correspondents’ Dinner

The first edition was broadcast by the NTR. Huys has since switched to RTL, where he now daily Late Night presents. “There are currently no concrete plans,” reported Huys Monday. “But I would still be very nice to find a follow-up. I’m going there soon agree to work and contact the team of the prime minister in order to see what the possibilities are.”

Also Rutte reported Monday sure to have ears for a second edition.

Ronald Reagan

The Correspondents’ Dinner is in the U.S. for decades, a tradition. Permanent political journalists and key players in the White House have an informal evening in which everyone jokes about themselves. President Donald Trump had the last two years turn up at the event. It was the first time in more than thirty years that a president was not there; the last time was in 1981, when Ronald Reagan was recovering from an attack.

In the first Dutch edition was more of a conference held by Dolf Jansen. The tv-registration attracted more than 2.7 million viewers. Jansen toured today by the Netherlands, with its traditional eindejaarsvoorstelling.

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