Youp van ’t Hek provides for possible cancellation bekerduel Odin-Heerenveen

e086f0e0c95ee647fab3ad49e7032281 - Youp van ’t Hek provides for possible cancellation bekerduel Odin-Heerenveen

SC Heerenveen-captain Ben Rienstra

The duel in the eighth finals of the KNVB cup in the stadium of Telstar played, because the lightning of Odin in Heemskerk, is not sufficient. All available tickets in the stadium Telstar are sold, and that helps ensure that there are parking problems around the stadium can arise.


At the same moment that Odin and SC Heerenveen each other, namely, to fight for a place in the quarter-finals, occurs slightly later Youp van ’t Hek in the Stadsschouwburg Velsen. And also that show is – just like Odin-SC Heerenveen – completely sold out. As a result of both events fear mayor Frank Dales parking problems around the theater and the stadium.

The municipality has taken steps to parking problems to avoid, but Dales threatens with a ban on race as was Telstar not for Tuesday afternoon 14.00 hrs black on white traffic wardens has committed, know the Noordhollands Dagblad.

Traffic wardens

“At this moment, wait for the municipality is still on the guarantee of Telstar about the efforts of the traffic wardens. This is a condition for the play of the game. If this guarantee is not, then prohibits the mayor may be the match”, a spokesperson of the church to know.

On behalf of Telstar’s communication officer Dennis Bliek convinced that before the deadline is a good solution. “Last season we had during the last race of the 1,200 men more public, but that were much IJmuidenaren. That came with the bike and there was no performance in the theatre. It is now not the temperature at which people grabbing the bike.”

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