Work is biggest christmas wish Karin Flowers

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“A free night is also fun, but I think it’s really the best thing to have with christmas to work.” Karin made in the past several christmas shows and enjoyed the “special atmosphere” in the room. “I always did at the end I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas and then there were people really hand in hand to cry because they felt: this is the christmas spirit. There are also christmas: share together, together, feel the love and suffering – and ensure that you simply’re not alone.”

That wants Karin to the visitors from Holland sings christmas also give. “It is a celebration, to sing together, together, the christmas spirit of sharing and ensure that it is a superavond with z’n all.” For herself, predicts Karin “a topavond.” “I have five different dresses and beautiful jewelry. I sing a duet with Jamai, Christmas Without You, and I sing Silent night, holy night in English and English with Anita Meyer. I do a Dutch kerstmedley because I think that we in our own language, the christmas should celebrate and then everyone can enjoy and sing along. And I sing a solo, that I totally forget.”


For Karins duetpartner Jamai was Holland sings christmas “a must.” “I’m a huge kerstfan, so I had to be here really. I know all of the carols and my house is from september all decorated. I like christmas really, really fun.” Jamai, Karin and the other artists there were, according to the singer soon discovered that there are very many christmas songs. “We kamen finds out that there are still many christmas songs are not yet done. So you can see how many kerstsongs there are and how many there are in our collective memory really, because we all know them.”

Although Karin likes to with christmas to work, she wants to be yet, each year, with her loved ones around the tree. “You never works all of christmas. 24 december is a little bit of our day. Then we simply normal, tasty food and especially games do. Then we make each other completely, that is really nice. Our contract is with christmas: get the pislach at least two times in one night. Lots of laughter, lots of games to play and the most important thing is that you with each other.”

If the singer is located, Holland sings christmas is a new Dutch christmas tradition. “That people find it allerfijnst, that they can do, that they can sing. Holland sings Hazes has already proven that it is an insanely good concept is that you really have the feeling that you belong to. Everyone is welcome everywhere; some people do it like in the church, some do it like in the theatre and we love doing it, in Ahoy.”

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