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Why the hockey world cup to see on the VRT

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Frank van Laeken, sportcolumnist in this newspaper, found it to be a ‘painful adoption’ – and he is not alone. Who yesterday the Red Lions the hockey world cup wanted to see win the Dutch could only go to the Dutch public broadcaster or Play Sports. That betaalkanaal was for a time accessible for all Telenetklanten – who don’t have a digital tv by Telenet watching, could do so only by our neighbors. How is it that such a historical finale on the Dutch public broadcasting was to be seen but not on One or the Canvas?

“The broadcasting rights for live television were not with us’, says VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem. ‘Online and on the radio we have a live report. To 16 hours, we have Sporza on Sunday, a broad overview is given, and then also in Sportweekend and the news. Eddy demarez space was the whole tournament as a reporter on the spot. We would have loved the game live broadcast, but broadcasting rights of sports are popular so it is unfortunately a reality that live sports broadcasts are sometimes very fragmented.”

In the Flemish media decree states that ‘events of major importance for society’ is not behind a betaalmuur allowed to stand. In that list of events are under all of the matches of the Red Devils and the world championships in the men. The hockey world cup is there (for now) and not between.

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