VTM has come up with The Luizenmoeder

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The Luizenmoeder is a comedyreeks that takes place in a special and everyday arena: the lower school. Anyone who ever has been to school, school-age children or are still in school, will it be able to recognize,” said director Maarten Moerkerke (13 Commandments, The Gang of Jan The Light, Deadline 14/10, Deadline 25/5, Coppers, etc.).

The life at and around the elementary school seems more than we suspected – the real life in the contemporary society, where often too many rules, or (behavioral)codes apply, where the adults are sometimes like children, worn and vice-versa.

The actions of the parents, the school staff and the children in The Luizenmoeder’ presents an often hilarious, satirical, and sometimes painful way, how big themes and kleinmenselijkheid are inextricably linked. The series is full of the recognition.

In ‘The Luizenmoeder’ the school as a mirror of the world: with own speelplaatsafspraken, traffic and verjaardagsfeestjesregels, hierarchies, hangouders, tienminutengesprekken and of course… luizenmoeders.

By the decrease in the number of pupils from the primary school The Field in a difficult year, resulting in a few teachers and the janitor fired. It is now up to the leadership to start the new school year with a fresh start.

Central Hannah (Lynn Van Royen), the mother of the 7-year-old Fleur. As the mother of a new student, she tries to keep itself upright in a world full of moedermaffia, speelplaatsregels, rigid verjaardagsprotocollen, singing teachers, parent participation, and other suffering.

The often ill-considered initiatives of the director (Tom Audenaert) to a new wind through the school to get some wind, not easier.

Lynn Van Royen
32 years
Mother of Fleur – 1st grade Mrs. Els
Separated from Pieter
Best feature: her engagement
Worst feature: her naivety

Hates: strict protocols with no room for flexibility or innovation
Hannah is a newly divorced kinderpsychologe and the mother of the 7-year-old Fleur. Hannah is new in school, and allow initially easy on him, walk by the prevailing ‘oudermaffia’. When Fleur lice appears to have, is Hannah more or less forced the ‘vrijwilligersfunctie’ of luizenmoeder to take, because someone has lice in school children and to remove, right?
Soon, it also administers the solidariteitspot (intended for students who have an extra gift to have earned), and she works as green-vingermoeder. But try them as well and as quickly as possible to adjust, it seems an impossible task. Behind the seemingly simple world of The Field is, after all, an obstacle course, full of rules and unspoken agreements.

Tom Audenaert
42 years

Single and childless
Best feature: is enthusiastic, believes in their own abilities, barrel full of initiative and energy
Worst feature: his often misplaced humor and ill-conceived initiatives, overestimated himself often, not so good in English
Hates: people who are less enthusiastic than himself over his own brilliant ideas
Erik is actually a teacher, but in that role, totally incompetent. He wants as the director likes to show that he takes into account everyone and politically correct. From the way it appears, however painful that he flooded the prejudices. Erik come up with regular new ideas (a ‘participizza-evening, the glansmethode, Winterklaas…) in the staff, no support, but never takes the responsibility for his actions things go wrong. In particular, hulpmoeder Nancy must often pay for it. This unpaid power by him constantly with all sorts of chores stuck and disrespectful treated.

Els Dottermans
48 years old

Relationship with Bert, childless
A teacher in the 1st grade
Best feature: strict but fair
Worst feature: sings continuously, and not always toonvast, stresskip.
Hates: parents who the complex rules and regulations do not respect and wielding parents, if the lesson has already begun
Miss Els is a somewhat stressed out teacher with dyscalculia. They gave conditions for a while lesson, as kleuterjuf, but now for the first time since long again for first grade. She loves to sing and begins each school day little toonvast with “Hello all, it’s good that you are there…”, to the annoyance of parents and colleagues. She let her own opinion clear brands. But if someone else there has one, she points that out that this is not a good way of working. She treats parents like children.

Katelijne Damen
58 years

Widow, childless
A teacher in the 6th grade
Best feature: has tons of experience, no-nonsense mentality
Worst habit: smokes (by the window during the break), go with other people’s food walk in the leraarskamer
Hates: renewal
Miss Chantal teaches in the sixth grade. Through her extensive experience, she realizes that ‘just do it’ is already crazy enough. Therefore, she must have less of the innovative ideas of the director, and she liked her own way. She does not care about the rest and runs in a demonstrative way when they have to do something where they make no sense. Although they are usually cynical and cold looks, she is also sometimes her sensitive side.

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