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Vote ‘Team of the year’ re-opened for the Red Lions

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After the Red Lions and the world title to have won, the vote for the title ‘Team of the Year’ reopened. At the Gala Saturday the winner will be announced.

Next week Saturday, december 22 will, the Belgian Sports of Journalists, during a Gala in Brussels to disclose who is elected to the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Promise, Team, Coach and Paralympiër of the Year 2018.

But the Red Lions were able to recently their world title not more be elected to Team of the Year: the vote was, after all, at the beginning of december already closed. There was, however, immediately a lot of criticism and the rules of procedure was now changed, that told Sportspress-chairman and VRT-journalist David Naert on Radio 1.

“Normally, the voting ended in early december, and all of the performance which will then be delivered to be transferred to next year’, said Naert. “But we realize, of course, the strange situation and, therefore, it was decided the vote is still open and can be there for the next two days still to vote.’

The voters are professional journalists affiliated with and former winners of the trophy, Sportsman & Sportswoman of the Year who no longer are active.

Difficult choice

However, this is not to say that the Red Lions are sure of the title of ‘Team of the Year’. The competition is not with the third place of the Red Devils on the football world cup, the boerenjaar of Quick Step Floors in the course, the European title of the Belgian Tornados, and even the fourth place of the Belgian Cats on the world cup of basketball.

These are all of the nominees, in alphabetical order: Belgian Cats (basketball), Belgian Hammers (triathlon), Belgian Tornados (athletics – 4x400m relay), Lize Broekx – Hermien Peters (kayak), Tim Brys – Niels Van Zandweghe (rowing), Kenny De Ketele – Robbe Ghys (cycling), Nele Gilis – Tine Gilis (squash), Halle-Gooik (indoor soccer), Jumping: national team Thomas Pieters, Thomas Detry (golf), Quick-Step (cycling), Red Dragons (volleyball), Red Lions (hockey), Red Devils (football) and Marte Snoeck – Bram Rotger (acrogymnastics).

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