Véronique De Kock: “I am really a seut”

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Ex-Miss Belgium Veronique De Kock puts you in the ‘house’ that they overbeschermd and well-behaved girl. And that they are still very uncertain, although its environment that you wouldn’t expect.

In 1995 Véronique De Kock was elected the prettiest woman of the country. Meanwhile, the count of Antwerp presenter 41 beautiful springs and she has two sons. Tomorrow night, it appears in the last episode of the One-program ‘That house’.

Therein she does explain that her parents are very protectionist. “I was a very brave. My parents were very protectionist. I was not allowed in the front of the garden to play, because, imagine that there was once a car stops and you kidnaps. Every Wednesday afternoon, I sat in the granny, and every Saturday afternoon I went to play tennis with mommy and daddy,” she says.

Also on liefdesgebied she was a late bloomer. “I had never had a boy seen for my 17, 18 years. I was really a seut. I could never not partying in the city. That question was not even on. I had my first boyfriend when I was 18. And that was not with the bells and whistles. I have two sweethearts had before I got married. And with my second sweetheart, I am married. In hindsight, yes, but at that moment, that was okay. Oh, I’m really a seut. (laughs) I may have had more of life to taste, but you choose not. You can make the clock do not reverse”, it sounds.

However, a lot of people assume that Véronique, with her looks and seemingly strong character and is confident in life. But nothing is less true. “I’m not confident. I’m actually very insecure. And if I against my environment, say, than to say: ‘Yeah, right’. I come so about, but I’m very uncertain. Still. I doubt very hard,” says the model.

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