Tom Waes about Bart De Pauw: “Everyone deserves a second chance”

64f65506a2e2d8b54e51bacd8399d0dd - Tom Waes about Bart De Pauw: "Everyone deserves a second chance"

Tom Waes says in The Morning that he had a few good friends. “I’m also aware a lot of time for them. Tim Van Aelst sitting there. And Bart De Pauw. That are real friends through thick and thin, that is me on my mistakes may disclaim. And vice-versa. When the hoopla around Bart began, I am at him, stepped inside, and I said: ‘I am here as a friend, and I want to be very hard to listen to, but you are also going to me must listen.’ For the rest I don’t want to say much about, but I do think the as a friend your job is to listen, and that you are always there for each other, through thick and thin,” says Tom in The Morning. “I think that everyone deserves a second chance. You can best make mistakes in your life, but if you understand this, and your errors, admit it, and you apologised or a punishment sentence, then I think that you should be able to.”

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