Thomas Acda: prefer legal ecstasy than a dead child

45117bdb1f4a25fb0b1dfd55a1f19b1b - Thomas Acda: prefer legal ecstasy than a dead child

“It sounds rather tempting”, according to Acda. “I don’t want my children to use drugs. But if they have a tendency or purpose to be tempted, I know that it can be tested. That she’s not a dirty mess to take. That’s what I call a step to the correct regulation so that we are not our children to death on having to pick one or the other party.”

In addition, he calls in each case for a ’dumpplek’ for drugsmakers. “That they have their products on Monday morning at the curb. And that it is not in a forest and do so as to the ground forty years of acidification. You have also places where you feel abandoned down can go without being seen.”

Itself has the comedian is, of course, never take ecstasy. “I’m always very afraid of losing control”, he admitted. “I like very much to know what I’m doing. I drink, but I will never be the lamb. I love that really not.” Acda touring at this time by the Netherlands with his solo performance Motel.

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