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This is the kinderwoord of the year

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‘Boeie’, which means ‘what does that make a difference?’, is the kinderwoord of the year 2018. The favorite word of the Flemish children in the expiring year the Ketnetkijkers chosen from a shortlist of five words. That makes the children and jeugdzender of the VRT is well known in ‘Karrewiet’.

It was the eighth time that Teen along with Dale went to find the kinderwoord of the year. In addition to ‘boeie’ were ‘chill’ (quiet, at ease), ‘dissen’ (someone to ridicule), ‘cringe’ (weird, embarrassing) and ‘lit’ (great) nominated.

The previous kinderwoorden of the year, Ewa Yes (alas, yes, it is now so we make the most of it) in 2017, dab (dansmove used as juichbeweging) in 2016, beire (cool, awesome, fantastic) in 2015, OMG (Oh My God) in 2014, yolo (you only live once) in 2013, king (super) in 2012 and boeieeeuhh! (boring) in 2011.

“It is remarkable that the same word seven years later re-elected to kinderwoord of the year, but in a different meaning. Originally gave you with a long ‘boeie’ that something boring was. Now assign the previously on indifference: what makes it out?’, according to Ruud Hendrickx, VRT language adviser as opposed.

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