This is Jamie oliver’s christmas dinner-drama

b468622bed523b4cc6ec0b2dc9ed1309 - This is Jamie oliver's christmas dinner-drama

Instead of a nice piece of roast during christmas dinner, but Jamie Oliver is a charred chicken meat.

Jamie Oliver may be known as a real kitchen prince, but that does not mean that he, too, sometimes quite a blundert. In conversation with Notebook gives the chef that his family once christmas dinner has served up without a festive roast.

“If you are cooking, you with so many things. If there is something in the other room, you will want to. With christmas, I use a wood-burning oven. If you just don’t pay much attention, verpruts you everything,” explains Jamie. “I had a chicken in the oven and forgetting about it then because I was with the children was working. Then someone threw it logs on and the chicken was in no time carbonized.”

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