Theresa May: ‘Second Brexitreferendum will cause irreparable damage’

4828645e251bea89f03c04530c661787 - Theresa May: ‘Second Brexitreferendum will cause irreparable damage’

The British prime minister, Theresa May designate a new referendum on the Brexit resolutely. That will, according to her, the trust of the British people harm and cause irreparable damage, as stated in the speech that they Monday for the Uk parliament does, and which its press office already has a number of extracts published.

Among others, the former British prime ministers John Major and Tony Blair are in favour of a new referendum. In the previous referendum, in June 2016, said only a small majority of the British themselves for the departure of their country from the European Union. Many voters appeared ill-informed and some declared afterwards regret their vote. That the United Kingdom is now approaching a so-called ‘hard Brexit’, without agreement with the EU, the fear of chaos and the call to a new referendum increase.

But May does not believe that that is the solution. “That will take us not forward,” she says, and will, on the contrary, ‘the country is more divided’.

On 29 march next year, at midnight, would the British official from the European Union. It remains coffee grounds look or the deal that May in the meantime closed with Europe, the approval of the British parliament will get.

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