’The Queen must solution familieprobleem want’

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“All families, royal or not, are the same and they would be together, especially around the holidays,” says Thomas in his umpteenth interview. Markle has been months of no contact with his daughter, who in may married prince Harry. In the run-up to the marriage closed Thomas a deal with paparazzi, and he gave several interviews, that he was in the United Kingdom is not resented. Due to health reasons Thomas was not at the wedding, and prince Charles Meghan at the altar.

“You’re my daughter and I would like to contact with you,” repeated Thomas Monday again. He is of the opinion that Meghan and he is about the issues around it should be able to convert. “We are family, please contact me.”

Although Thomas for more than six months no more contact has with his pregnant daughter, and his son-in-law has never met, he is sure that there will be “a place” for him. “I’m her father, I am the grandfather of their children. All I can say is: I’m here, and that she knows. I have contact with her searches, now they contact me. I love her very much.”

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