The Passion gets concertversie in Ahoy

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Eric van Tijn

“How the easter story subtly through the concert is being processed is very impressive”, says Eric van Tijn, for many years musical director of The Passion. “The music is this time leading. By recognizable tracks such as Tell me that it is not so, White light, or What is my heart to choose, will the story really live. That feel when you literally and figuratively in your belly. This could not be otherwise, the artists and musicians with whom we work are the best of the Netherlands.”

The Passion In Concert is ’a musical experience as we in the Netherlands do not yet know’, predicts producer Jacco Doornbos. “From experience, we know which artists are the audience favorite and which songs are the most popular. These favorites, we bring together during The Passion In Concert. In a combination of musical highlights, hits and kippenvelmomenten. We can’t wait to give this to the Netherlands to hear.”


Although The Passion in Ahoy, otherwise than in a big city, one thing is agreed: it is sung at various places. In Ahoy are multiple stages and special effects, the music and the story close to the audience.

Tickets for the event are from Monday afternoon to purchase. Singers can also participate in the concert around the easter story, there is a chorus of three hundred singers assembled.

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