The dog from the movie cloned: “This is even better’

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BEIJING – In China is a well-known dog who is in multiple films, has been cloned. His owners have good hope that the young version, more than two months old – the acting even better sounds.

The old Guozhi and the ’young Guozhi’, either Zhizhi, left.

The dog Guozhi is an absolute movie star in China, but he is a little older and is on his carrièrehoogtepunt; reason for the owner to Guozhi to clone, because he is not fertile.

In China, the cloning of dogs as possible to be converted’s 48,500 euros. The CEO of the company Sinogene aims in the future, even to the adjusting of genes. “We have seen that there are more and more in demand,” said Mi Jidong.

In Guozhi was a younger copy Zhizhi, or ’small Guozhi’ – in a mother dog done, a beagle. That continued for a month, at Zhizhi. Then went the dog to the owner Hey, the new owner of his ’alter ego’.

The small Zhizhi is in his basket. His surrogate mother is watching.

He is careful with Zhizhi. Nevertheless, he has high expectations. “We think that he is even better than Guozhi,” said He.

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