The Cure is working on first album since 2008

84aaebf8af31fe1e72d1a96e9434ac90 - The Cure is working on first album since 2008

The British rock band The Cure lays within a few weeks the final touches on a new studio album, the first since 2008. That has today reported on the authority of singer Robert Smith.

The last album from The Cure called ‘4:13 Dream’, and dates back to 2008. The band was still active on stage, but new work did not come.

After the news that the group next year also in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame ends up, said Smith compared satellite radio SiriusXM: “I’ve been to so many new bands, listened to it, and so many of them met. It inspired me to do something new. So yes, in about six weeks we will finish what our first album in more than a decade. So it is exciting times for all of us.”

The Cure was formed in 1976 as a new or coldwave band. The real breakthrough came, after the single ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (1979), in 1980 with the album ‘Seventeen Seconds’ and the drawn hit ‘A Forest’. Since then, the group more mainstream start-up sound, though he would not deny the early “roots”.

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