Teen dies after jump with a homemade parachute

122e1181cd5353f7bc1b9e8f43f1db88 - Teen dies after jump with a homemade parachute

Makijivka – A 15-year-old boy from the Ukrainian place Makijivka died after his parachute jump failed. The guy jumped of a building of 42 meters down, but his home-made parachute didn’t work.

A district in the Ukrainian town of Makijivka.

Bogdan Firsov jump of a building of fourteen floors high. A group of people, including his mother, would have watched the accident happened. According to friends, the boy is addicted to extreme sports.

An eyewitness explains to the regional newspaper Fakti that no one has tried the boy to stop: “They were only filming. People are no longer human, they are their conscience lost.”

After the stunt incorrectly ended, was the mother of Ukrainian teen just in so much shock that she declined the spot to leave, according to an eyewitness opposite Fakti.

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