Swedish court state ban on begging to

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A high Swedish court has Monday ruled that a southwestern city, definitely has a local ban on begging is allowed to enter. She’s going against the decision of two lower courts.

“It is positive that we now have the decision to implement that we are more than a year ago have taken,” says Carina Wutzler, president of the city council of the Swedish town On the. The ban on begging will have immediate effect on five places in the city, including the large market.

On the argument that beggars the disturb public order by garbage and public urination.

Wutzler is a member of the conservative Moderatenpartij. Party members in other communities, as well as by the social democrat-controlled municipalities to consider a similar ban.

Ngos and other organizations fear that the ban mainly homeless people from the European Union would endorse, especially Roma.

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