Stuntman in ‘The Dark Knight’ reveals how famous potloodtruc of The Joker really was

f80adf67001bf7e426295f7398a5df50 - Stuntman in 'The Dark Knight' reveals how famous potloodtruc of The Joker really was

Perhaps the most famous, funniest and most memorable scene of The Joker in the film by Christopher Nolan (2008), ‘The Dark Knight’: the character that Heath Ledger was magnificent played was showed a magic trick for the eyes of a group of surprised thugs, in which he promised a “pencil disappear”. Seconds later, he pushed the head of an irritated “spectator” hard on the pencil, and “poof, the pencil is gone”. The victim of service, stuntman Charles Jarman, testified this week at entertainmentsite MovieWeb how dangerous that trick is.

Jarman stated that there are no special effects to came in handy. “Christopher Nolan (the director, ed.) said to me that we have a number of shots went to record where I found the pencil had been able to remove,” says Jarman. The stuntman had to be the pencil quickly and subtly from beneath his face, wiping it with his hand.

“We practiced as to which hand to get the hang of. I had the pencil under my body, while my head the table would be hit. That was not self-evident, because the pencil was stuck in the table. If my hand is not fast enough, I sat here, perhaps, not more.”

Ledger, 28, died at the age of from an overdose of painkillers, received a posthumous Oscar for his portrayal of The Joker.

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