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State Stefan Everts is no longer critical

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Former motorcrosser Stefan Everts (46) is on the better hand, after malaria had been damaged. His condition is no longer critical.

The family of Everts let us know that he is still at the department of intensive care, but sedation is no longer necessary. ‘On the consequences of malaria (studies walk further) or over the duration of the recovery and even now there is still nothing to be said.’

Everts took a little more than a month ago part in a liefdadigheidsrace in the Congo. With the proceeds from the local children supported with different projects, such as building a school. During his short period in the Congo was Everts stung by the malaria mosquito.

At the beginning of december he was in the hospital in Hasselt recorded. There was established that malaria has incurred. Everts was then transferred to the hospital in Leuven.

The family thanks everyone for the endorsements. “They may be those people are too many to personally answer, so that they through this way: “A thick thanks all to us in this difficult period, a heart under the belt to sting.”’

The family also asks to her – just as the past couple of weeks – yet the necessary rest.

Stefan Everts has ten world titles and 101 GP wins to his name and is regarded as the champion of all times. Today he is working as team manager.

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