Singer escaped to drama

49c42cbc6dc0bca183562b7b7f121c1a - Singer escaped to drama

Many thousands of people reason last weekend to Germany to enjoy the christmas markets. In Aachen and Cologne are the christmas markets still nicer than with us in Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt and many other locations. Also Lia Linda wanted this weekend of a visit to the christmas market of Cologne but that visit was marred by an accident. While Lia and her company was driving, there fell a stone from a truck. That stone came in the roof of the car with cause the glass to break. Luckily the stone fell ultimately not in the car itself because then there would be possible injured cases. Despite the fact that the accident happened while Lia and her company in the direction of Cologne drove, they could still enjoy a beautiful day. And as shards bring luck, Lia best the Lotto to fill.

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