Russia influenced voters during the American presidential election: ‘beneficiary ‘ Republicans’

c7bcf9abd50e2b69259870333f5ea29d - Russia influenced voters during the American presidential election: ‘beneficiary ' Republicans’

Russia has, according to a report from the U.s. Senate, with words, pictures and videos on the social networks, the election of the American president Donald Trump in 2016 affected. After the gain of Trump were that efforts are still inflated.

The Washington Post was a report of the Senate to refer to it. ‘It is clear that all of the messages the Republicans had to promote, Donald Trump in particular’, it sounds. It is the until now most comprehensive investigation of the Russian desinformatiecampagne.

The Russians would be the social network users in different groups have divided, writes the newspaper. Themes such as the arms export control, and migration, for instance, were deliberately conservatives sent to them to encourage Trump to vote. Potential opponents were of the elections distracted and discouraged.

The report, that in the course of the week will be published, based on data from a research project of the university of Oxford. Until the middle of 2017 were posts on social networks examined. The messages were by Facebook, Google and Twitter will be made available. About the Russian influence during the mid-term losses of last november does the report not make any statements.

The report aligns itself with the findings of the American security services to which Russia is on large-scale manner, has interfered with the American presidential election of 2016. The American intelligence agencies were already during the election came to the conclusion that Russia is behind the cyber attacks in lay that were directed against Hillary Clinton, the opponent of Trump.

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