Robert De Niro put Bradley Cooper to director

4a1880eea1beb41a531cb8463120ed84 - Robert De Niro put Bradley Cooper to director

Cooper met De Niro in a hotel to ask him for the director of the film Limitless, where Cooper was the casting should take care of. By his jeugdidool De Niro came to Bradley in the director’s chair rightly, ” he tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The new director says that the transition to directing a ’natural step’, but more came than he had expected. “I had the idea for A Star is Born to Clint Eastwood (with whom he is American Sniper made) submitted with the intention that he would be directing, but he refused. After I then De Niro had spoken I have the idea to have the film directing at the film laid out. They found that a good idea.”

A Star is Born is a remake of the eponymous film classic from the thirties. Cooper plays a rock star who is struggling with his past and falls in love with Ally, a waitress with a golden voice, played by Lady Gaga. Not only the film, but also the accompanying theme song from A Star is Born, sung by Cooper and Lady Gaga, was a hit.

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