Plane evacuated by ’Idiotic’ popfans

fd06c7772fab44981d318dca5b24fbba - Plane evacuated by ’Idiotic’ popfans

Hong Kong – Fans of a Korean pop group became so hysterical when they board their plane suddenly eye-to-eye stood with their heroes, that the plane had to be evacuated.

The presence of Wanna One the members in one plane, caused great unrest among fans

The three sat on a flight of Korean Air Hong Kong to Seoul when members of the immensely popular Wanna One got on. According to the newspaper Hangkook Ilbo flew the fans right out of their chairs, despite the express order of the crew not to do that.

The fans, according to the newspaper ’idiots’, were enjoined to sit down and stay there. Then demanded the three that they board could.

According to the applicable safety rules need to the rest of the 360 passengers then back out and check in again.

Once out of the unit wanted and got the K-pop fans their money back.

Eventually left the device with an hour delay.

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