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“Outrageous that a F1 pilot is a win-loses pieces”

4a7c20300e709bc632145c4cd63b8ceb - “Outrageous that a F1 pilot is a win-loses pieces”

Mercedes-motorsportbaas Toto Wolff considers the GP of Azerbaijan in Baku as one of the lows of the F1 season 2018.

In Azerbaijan lost Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas as well as a certain victory because he is all the way at the end of the race over pieces of reed which originated from a collision between Kevin Magnussen and Pierre Gasly.

“Baku was a shock for me,” he told the motorsportbaas of Mercedes, as opposed to ‘’. “I was very irritated and done throughout that maneuver. What happened between Magnussen and Gasly had happened it was too crazy for words and it had serious penalties to hand out.”

The lost victory was the Mercedes-motorsportbaas still very deep, so we also notice his use of language.

“The debris that as a result of this klotegevecht on the track layers, who kloteplaats the back of the grid, Valtteri a victory cost, which is of course very unfortunate. It was for me personally one of the worst moments of the year.”

According to Toto Wolff knew Valtteri Bottas throughout the season on some of the crucial moments of bad luck. That meant not only that he is from the sene was thrown, it also ensured that the Fin its performance is slightly less good.

“If he has three races in China, Bahrain and Azerbaijan had won then he would have after the race in Baku in the lead of the championship have been,” said Toto Wolff.

“I think that for a racepiloot is extremely difficult, when you know that you can no longer participate for the title, something that your ultimate goal is.”

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