Offset says sorry for disturbing concert Cardi B

89d59eb5e64acdbdaf5ae01858b8c3cf - Offset says sorry for disturbing concert Cardi B


“All my mistakes have already been made public”, tweeted the Migos-musician Sunday night about the action. “It seemed to me not more than logical to then also my apologies in public to do.” The rapper stated that he was only an attempt ventured, during the concert, and joked it “thank god I had no balloons.”

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On videos that visitors of the concert shared, is to see that Cardi not was charmed by the lijmpoging. She talked briefly with Offset, after which he again dripping. However, she asked fans at a later time via social media to not be too hard for the father of her five-month-old daughter. “In the end, he remains the family,” says the rapper.

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